XimoRocks Junk

Some Junk is Delicious!

XimoJunk is a serious energy shot. This lemon-lime flavored Junk hits you hard with a jolt of lasting electricity that we’ve contained in liquid form. Junk is packed with 130mg of caffeine per ounce and a dynamic mix of vitamins and powerful extracts to give you the punch you need. This Junk is delicious all by itself or mixed into anything you can dream of. And at just 10 calories per serving and a $1 a shot. Junk is what awesome is made of.


Here at Ximo, we know everyone is excited about green energy. Well, we’ve got your green energy right here. It’s XimoJunk, and it’s bottled.


Some Junk is Delicious. Just Try It.

Do you have Junk in your trunk?